Android Designers LLC.
Introducing Text Bot

Texting while driving is dangerous and illegal. With Text Bot your phone will instantly display your incoming text messages and let you auto reply or press 1 button to reply to them. Just like changing your radio station or adjusting your heat.

You can customize what message is sent and define your own buttons. You can even have Text Bot automatically reply to your text messages without you doing anything at all.

Want Text Bot to capture your messages so you can reply to them later, it will. Want to see what Text Bot has done for you, view the Bot Log to see.

Have a child who's driving? Don't let them text and drive, get them Text Bot.

Introducing Billboard Bot

Have something to say? Want to tell the world? Enter a message, pick a font, pick a color, pick a scroll speed and turn your phone into a Billboard instantly!

How about telling someone Happy Birthday or going to a concert and letting the group know You Rock!. Maybe even send a message to your loved one Luv Ya or best of all, send out a BORING when stuck in a meeting.

You could even send out Send Help or Call 911 in an emergency.

Introducing Clock Two Four

Are you a fan of the TV show 24?
Want to show off your love for the series?

Start up ClockTwoFour and see your phone transformed into the 24 clock. Set an alarm and get ready because what happens next will put you next to Jack Bauer. Tick! Tick! Tick! What will happen next? Will you survive? Will the unexpected happen?

Introducing MorseCodeMakerPro

Interested in learning Morse Code?
Want to send someone a secret message?
In trouble and need to send a signal?

Fire up MorseCodeMakerPro, enter any message that you want including numbers, letters and symbols. Then decide if you want to transmit flashing lights Play Mode, audible beeps Sound Mode or translate Teach Mode.

Morse code is instantly generated and transmitted from your phone using the standard Morse code symbols and timings. You can repeat your message forever, see the current letter and you can see the corresponding Morse code symbols.

Do you want to send someone a secret morse encoded message? Go into teach mode, enter your message. Then using Androids cut and paste functions*, select the morse code symbols and email them to your friend. When they get the symbols, they can paste them into their own MorseCodeMakerPro and instantly see what you sent them.

"Dinner? 7? Surfs?" becomes "-.. .. -. -. . .-. ..-.. --... ..--.. ... ..- .-. ..-. ... ..--.."

A great teaching tool. Maybe we'll see James Bond using his Google phone to send a distress message someday! Better yet, maybe Jack Bauer will save the country by transmitting morse code through his cell phone!!

Download this to your phone and give it a try.

*Press and hold any text field and a menu will pop up to give you copy and paste functionality.