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We are Android Designers, LLC.

We currently have applications available in the Android Market and are working on some new exciting ones. Our web site contains Android information, as well as tips and hints for the developer community so check back often.

If you have a question about one of our apps or an application idea, drop us a line.

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We recently hired LaMarcable Productions to produce our promotional video for Text Bot. We think they did a fantastic job.

You can contact them at to have a video made for your application.
What's New?

Today, we released our promotional video for Text Bot. Watch what happens when you try to text while driving.

Read the great review! Lifehacker Likes Text Bot

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Text Bot:

Read and respond to text messages without typing.

Billboard Bot:

Turn your phone into a billboard with scrolling messages.


Turn your phone into a Morse Code generator.

Clock Two Four:

Want the coolest alarm clock there is?